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At Campaner Law we prepare legal opinions for presentation and defence before foreign courts. We also analyse legal cases for the issuance of a second legal opinion.

Occasionally, our firm intervenes as private prosecutor or defence in criminal proceedings for crimes against life (homicide, murder) and sexual crimes (sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape).

At Campaner Law we are aware that the online publication of negative content can easily and quickly destroy the reputation that the individual or company concerned has taken many years to achieve. For this reason, we offer our clients a fast and effective service to protect their online reputation without the need to go to court.

Our firm has actively participated in the defence of town planning and land use planning offences and offences against the environment, in which administrative law issues are intermingled and which are often regulated by regional regulations.

In our country, the prosecution of certain crimes corresponds to the Jury Court, that is, to lay citizens. The managing partner of the firm, Jaime Campaner, has successfully participated in many jury trials and therefore has the necessary experience to adapt his professional practice to this court. Furthermore, as an expert in the Law of the Jury, he has given courses and conferences both in Spain and abroad on the many procedural peculiarities of trials before the Court of the Jury.

Our firm has a high success rate in the filing of extraordinary appeals, both in cassation before the Supreme Court and in amparo before the Constitutional Court. In both cases, given their extraordinary nature, it is necessary to have a law firm with experience in the field and knowledge of the cassation technique, as well as how to justify the special constitutional significance of the amparo claim.

Campaner Law has extensive experience in the prosecution and defence of privacy offences, from the classic to the most modern forms (interception of electronic communications, access to medical records, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.