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Fields of practice

Campaner Law » Fields of practice

The firm specializes in defence in all areas of criminal law, particularly what are known as white-collar crimes.

  • Financial and corporate criminal law:
    • Patrimonial.
    • Insolvency.
    • Corporate matters.
    • Tax.
  • Town and country Planning and environmental offences.
  • Misuse of public office, bribery, embezzlement of public funds, fraud, influence peddling, etc.
  • Money laundering.
  • Defamation and invasion of privacy.
  • Crimes against the person or violent crimes and sexual offences (homicide, rape, etc.).
  • Public health offences.
  • Professional negligence (medical negligence, accidents at work, etc.).
  • Copyright and intellectual property.
  • International criminal law:
    • Extradition.
    • European Arrest Warrant.
  • Reports and legal opinions in any field of criminal and procedural law.
  • Online reputation protection.

In Campaner Law we are aware that the online publication of negative content can easily and quickly destroy an individual or corporation´s reputation which they have built over many years. Therefore we offer our clients a swift and efficient service to protect their online reputation without the need to instigate proceedings before courts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.