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Specialists in international criminal law

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International criminal law

Transfrontier cases

Criminal investigations are increasingly complex and involve more than one country, so our lawyers are prepared to provide a swift and multilingual response in collaboration with criminal law firms anywhere in the world, both for obtaining evidence abroad and for effective defence or prosecution in multi-jurisdictional criminal matters.

Our lawyers have studied the criminal law of countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United States of America and several Latin American countries, which is an advantage when dealing with cross-border cases.

Jaime Campaner, the managing partner of the firm, is a member of the board of directors of the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA), the largest association of criminal lawyers in Europe, so his contact with criminal lawyers from other jurisdictions is constant and fluid.


Our law firm has extensive experience in extradition matters. Due to the volume of foreign citizens who choose Mallorca or Ibiza for their holidays or as their second residence, Campaner Law has been involved in a wide variety of extradition cases where a third State has requested Spain to arrest and hand over a person found in our national territory. In these cases it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the passive extradition law and the other sources of extradition law (multi- and bilateral treaties), as well as the principles that inspire this branch of law (reciprocity, double criminality, etc.).

Without prejudice to the fact that the first proceedings are carried out in the place of detention of the requested person, in a very short period of time the relevant procedural acts are carried out before the Audiencia Nacional, where the detainee is transferred, which is why Campaner Law has decided to open a branch office in Madrid.

Our lawyers are specialists in extradition. Not in vain, the managing partner of the firm, Jaime Campaner, has given international conferences on extradition in Kiev (Ukraine) and at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

European Arrest Warrants

It can be said that the European arrest warrant (EAW) is an extradition within the European Union, more agile and simpler than traditional extradition and, above all, with less room for manoeuvre for the defence of the requested person.

For the same reasons as stated above for extradition, our law firm has extensive experience in ETOs.

In addition, the firm’s managing partner, Jaime Campaner, regularly acts as an expert witness on Spanish procedural law before the extradition court in Westminster (UK), shedding light for British judges on OEDE cases.

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