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Specialists in crimes against public administration

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Offences against public administration

Corruption” offences

Our law firm has a long track record in the defence of corruption-related crimes. Since 2007, with the outbreak of the major corruption cases in the Balearic Islands, the director of the firm has been actively involved in the criminal defence of public officials.

The Communication “Una política de la Unión en materia de lucha contra la corrupción”, adopted by the Commission on 21 May 1997, identifies the phenomenon of corruption as the abuse of power or impropriety in the decision-making process in exchange for an inducement or undue advantage. Certainly, the most frequent in practice is administrative corruption and, more specifically, corruption related to public procurement.

Campaner Law has a long track record in defending (and even prosecuting) cases of administrative malfeasance, especially in the field of resolutions taken within municipal corporations (City Councils).

His experience in this field has earned the firm’s managing partner, Jaime Campaner, invitations to academic events related to corruption, such as the round table “Buen gobierno y ética pública: causas, efectos y mecanismos para combatir la corrupción”, as part of the University Master’s Degree in Public Policy Management (UIB).

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