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Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Lawyers specialising in criminal law

Our law firm has lawyers who specialise exclusively in criminal law. At Campaner Law we are convinced that only a high level of specialisation guarantees the excellence of the service and increases the chances of success in the avoidance or resolution of the criminal conflict.

In an increasingly globalised and complex world, it is essential to specialise in one branch of law. Therefore, in order to find the best criminal lawyer, your first search criterion should be specialisation on a unique and exclusive basis. Our criminal law firm does not accept cases from other jurisdictions in order to guarantee the highest quality service.

Our criminal lawyers focus their activity in three main areas:

  • 1.- Preventive counselling aimed at preventing the commission of crimes, especially in the field of business;
  • 2.- The technical defence of defendants accused of any offence defined in the Criminal Code or in special criminal laws;
  • 3.- The private prosecution, representing the victims of crimes, bringing civil actions (compensation, restitution, nullity of the criminal legal transaction) and criminal actions in criminal proceedings.

The managing partner of the firm, Jaime Campaner, has extensive experience in the field of criminal law before courts and tribunals throughout Spain and even abroad and has successfully participated in some of the most complex cases at national and international level.

The firm is made up of a young team, specialists in technology crime, who offer swift and effective responses if you or your company has been the victim of a crime, however complex or novel it may be.

Criminal law tends to expand and invade areas previously reserved for other branches of law, especially civil and administrative law. Successive reforms of the Criminal Code have led to an increase in the types of conduct that a criminal lawyer must be familiar with. The members of our law firm spare neither time nor effort in researching in the field of criminal law and criminal procedural law and, not in vain, their scientific publications, as well as their teaching in criminal matters, are proof of this. The daily study of legislation, doctrine and jurisprudence is an essential first seal of quality when hiring the best criminal lawyer to defend your interests. The configuration of many types of criminal offences as blank criminal rules determines that our firm masters the extra-penal regulations that make up this type of offence.

Our criminal lawyers work regularly in the courts and tribunals of Palma, Madrid and Ibiza and approach their clients’ cases in the best possible way depending on many factors, some of which can only be known thanks to the accumulation of criminal cases before the same court.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.